Die Libellenvielefalt im Naturbad Gargazon

Season opening: May 24th 2019

Bathing in nature

This is the idea! Manmade, yet as close to nature as possible. Our natural bath is an ecosystem very similar to a natural lake or pond.

We avoid the use of any sort of chemicals during the water cleaning process for our natural bath, which follows fully sustainable and easily achievable procedures.

The result: a pure bathing experience in natural and chlorine free water, and a better infrastructure for fun times and relaxation. Happiness for the whole family.

Our naturally clean water is the result of a combination of water plants, phytoplankton and zooplankton, a water exchange system based on plant filters, mechanical maintenance and nursing means.

Not many swimming pools are as easily accessible as ours, without a car: by foot, bike or with the train. And a city bus runs regularly between the Gargazzone town centre and train station, not far from the natural bath.