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The lush banks of our natural pool are home to dragonflies and other small creatures. So far we have observed 10 different specimen of dragonflies, from small to big: the Common Dragonfly, the Sympetrum Fonscolombi and Sympetrum Vulgatum, the Coenagrion Puella and Enallagma Cyathigerum, the Ischnura Elegans, the Sympetrum Danae and Sympetrum Striolatum, the Anax Imperator and Anax Parthenope, the Crocothemis Erythraea and the Cordulia Aenea. They catch flies, bask in the sun and breed… Dragonflies are totally harmless, they don’t sting!

The variety of Dragonflies in the Natural Pool in Gargazon

They catch flies, are totally harmless, they don’t sting!