D stands for dragonflies – VIDEO

Dragonflies in the Gargazon natural bath. These gorgeous little creatures are both mascots and welcome guests in the the natural bath ecosystem. So far, we counted over ten different species hanging out and sunbathing in our emerald green water… like all other bathing guests. Gargazon natural bath: naturally different.

Parkour, cool and wet – VIDEO

Parkour in the Gargazon natural bath. Exercise, the cool way: Elias Bolognesi from Merano offers an insight into this popular sport. Fast, dynamic and fun. Film maker Samuel Heuberger caught his Parkour-Tour in the Gargazon natural bath on film. Gargazon natural bath: naturally different.

City Bus Lana
The quality of our water

The water quality analyses are displayed in the natural swimming pool of Gargazzone.

Guided Tours: Behind

The Gargazon Natural Bath conducts guided tours at request for groups. Participants can take a tour of the entire site, which has an area of 12,000 square meters. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail:
Tel. +39 0473 291 129